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The short story behind OneDock

One day, we came to the office and were again overwhelmed by emails, meetings and other tasks. Except that day was different. We decided to make a change. We needed more time, space, and comfort. So we started thinking of a solution to get rid of chaos and clutter from our screens and workflows.
That’s how OneDock was born.

Group 434

Why you should use OneDock

How about having some more space on your screen? Get a customized overview with the exact apps you need most: emails, task managers, calendar and others.

You’re one search away from everything you need: emails, files, notes, contacts across all your SaaS apps. The efficiency you can trust.

Safely store the passwords of your apps in OneDock, so when you log in to the desktop app, you get instant access to all of them. Gain precious time.

Forget about opening five communication apps, three emails and two task manager apps in different windows. They’re all integrated into OneDock.

Switch in between chat apps easily. OneDock gathers some of the most commonly used communication apps in one place.

Besides the already integrated apps, you can also add your company custom-built apps and web pages. Your choice, our support.

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SaaS app catalogue

There are various communication apps, productivity tools, to-do lists and other apps to choose from. You can check them all here.

When was the last time you enjoyed that mesmerizing desktop background on your screen?
Free up space on your display.

OneDock keeps away web trackers that collect data about customer preferences. Your passwords are stored on your computer, not on the cloud.

Who should use OneDock?

If you’re a
Product Manager

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You’ll find many useful apps integrated
with our desktop app, including to-do
lists and task managers, reporting apps
and others.

If you’re a

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OneDock has integrations with some of
the most used chat apps,
as well as time tracking tools
and task management apps.

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