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your app chaos!

New release now available.

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*until June 30, 2021

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Your apps as one

One Dashboard

More space and comfort

Get a quick and customized overview
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calendar events and many more.

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One Search

Efficiency you can trust

Search for emails, files, to-dos, notes,
contacts across all your SaaS apps,
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Password Manager

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Safely store all your passwords
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One Interface

Efficacy at its finest.
Access all your SaaS
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Communicate with ease
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Custom Apps

Add your own apps and
web pages. Your choice,
our support.


SaaS App Catalogue

Select your favorite communication apps,
social media, to-do lists, productivity tools and everything you do day-to-day.


Optimizes your screen

Get more out of the space
available on your display.


Protect your privacy

Regain your freedom and stop
Facebook & Co from tracking what you do
in other SaaS apps.

New release now available


for MacOS
Requires 10.9 or newer

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for Windows
Requires Windows 7 or newer

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Quick Guide to Better Productivity

Get to know the essential milestones on your road to productivity, discover the OneDock features that help you save time, and make an informed choice on your daily app mix.



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